03 June 2009

How Far is Too Far?

I'm listening to the TV talk about the 50 biggest scandals in Hollywood, one of them being the MILLION LITTLE PIECES debacle on Oprah... what timing.

This week, I'm doing comparative analysis for my book proposal and I'm encouraged! While there are loads of books on Poe in the marketplace, it seems I may have found an untapped angle which is exciting. My eyes ache from reading and I am going to yet another library today. But I'm having fun... I'm a weirdo.

I'm also reading historical narratives to get a feel for how much artistic license different authors take in writing their stories. In my opinion-- which is usually spot on, really-- I think those that don't stretch enough seem dry and not designed for the general reader, while those that go bananas read like novels. I think as long as I can back up the choices I make with fact-- I can go where I want to.

For the authors out there-- if you have any words of wisdom...especially the biographers, please feel free to impart your experience.

Moral of the story. Angry Oprah = Scary Bad

Going to the library now!

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