29 June 2009

Poe Comic Book!

The July issue coming out of Boom! studios is a fictional take on Poe's life... the artwork looks pretty cool!

22 June 2009

The Spring 2009 PSA Edgar Allan Poe Review is Out!

Hi All!

Just received my copy and see some interesting reading ahead... If you are a PSA member I'd love to know which essay is grabbing you and why. I am looking forward to David Roche's "The Unhealthy in 'The Fall of the House of Usher': Poe's Aesthetics of Contamination"... More to come!

11 June 2009

Poe Film Unearthed

I stumbled upon this film preview and thought I would share... I'll likely watch it because I'm always interested in creative interpretations of Poe's work, and I have to understand why the writer made the choice to have male underwear models descending a staircase...


03 June 2009

How Far is Too Far?

I'm listening to the TV talk about the 50 biggest scandals in Hollywood, one of them being the MILLION LITTLE PIECES debacle on Oprah... what timing.

This week, I'm doing comparative analysis for my book proposal and I'm encouraged! While there are loads of books on Poe in the marketplace, it seems I may have found an untapped angle which is exciting. My eyes ache from reading and I am going to yet another library today. But I'm having fun... I'm a weirdo.

I'm also reading historical narratives to get a feel for how much artistic license different authors take in writing their stories. In my opinion-- which is usually spot on, really-- I think those that don't stretch enough seem dry and not designed for the general reader, while those that go bananas read like novels. I think as long as I can back up the choices I make with fact-- I can go where I want to.

For the authors out there-- if you have any words of wisdom...especially the biographers, please feel free to impart your experience.

Moral of the story. Angry Oprah = Scary Bad

Going to the library now!

01 June 2009

When Careers Collide

It's interesting the similarities in commercial print work and writing. It's seems to me that they're both professions where you either get it or you don't.

I've modeled for years, and I have to say it took some figuring out in the beginning. My agent certainly didn't hold my hand and tell me how to book more work--I had to watch the pros around me, look at their resumes and portfolios and figure it out for myself. Early on I did a lot of small stuff just to get photos and clips. Those experiences not only seeded my resume, but gave me the confidence I needed to land bigger jobs. You learn protocol. Don't offer shot suggestions unless you are asked. Don't sit in the client's clothes. Do what you're told and be happy about it. Sure, I made a few mistakes but I learned from them. And I also learned that if you want to get anywhere in the business, you had to HUSSLE.

I took classes on auditioning techniques and acting. I made sure I was being considered for every possible professional job I could find. It's a numbers game, so for every twenty submissions, you might get nine auditions and book five of those jobs. And that's an extremely successful model for Northern California. I'm lucky I figured it out-- I got it. I have shot more than anyone I know as a result. It's not because I'm so amazingly awesome, but because I have worked really really hard at it.

A lot of the same rules apply to writing. You have to know what you're doing before anyone will take you on, and that takes classes and networking. It takes patience and time. Getting my proposal together is so reminiscent of putting together my portfolio it's eerie. And while feedback is important, I think listening to the right people is more important. It's everything in fact.

I do not strive to be the eccentric "artist/writer" lady with 10,000 self-published books in her garage because she couldn't take advice or follow protocol or listen to anyone. That's just not an option.

After all, I live in San Francisco. Where would I keep them?