23 July 2009

Poe Event Updates

Because this is Poe's Bicenntential year there are a ton of cool events going on. Here are some if you happen to be in the Virginia area.

Museum tours are always interesting and you always learn something new, but I always fear Poe events will be a caricaturization for the amusement of the tour goers versus a more balanced picture of the actual author. Just sayin'...

15 July 2009

Sad News: Frank McCourt Ill with Skin Cancer

I read an article today about McCourt's battle, and remembered reading ANGELA'S ASHES. Such a great book, and an author who hit his prime at 56, reminded me that there's no time line or time limit on your aspirations when it comes to writing.

I'll be thinking about him today.

07 July 2009

Baltimore Museum of Art: Poe Exhibition

An incredibly cool art exhibition is coming to Baltimore October through January... if anyone goes please shoot out a review!