12 October 2009

Happy Monday! Cool Poe Animation

This was found on You Tube by a friend of mine... a nice tribute and recitation of "A Dream Within A Dream" Enjoy!

01 October 2009

United States Poe Office

The Post Office is issuing very cool Poe products in honor of the Bicentennial. Check them out! You can also go to Ebay and find the old three cent Poe stamps for your collection of Poe ephemera...

I have all of the stamps myself... just ordered the Raven booklet. Such a nerd I know...

28 September 2009

Pardon Me, Can Spare 25K?

Marilyn Manson is not just an avant guarde musician... He had some really smart things to say in the Michael Moore film "Bowling for Columbine" and you may or may not know... but he's also an amazing artist.

He has created a multi medium rendition of Poe that is truly brilliant. I would love to own it...for only 25,000.00.

Sigh-- some girls want diamonds... :)

15 September 2009

Poe Digital Archive

Through the magic of Facebook (thank you Scott!) I have been turned onto a great website about Poe I thought I would share. The Poe Digital Collection is an absolute candy box of letters, images, books and other assorted miscellena that will be of interest to any Poe fan.

Jump in and enjoy!

05 September 2009

Words: Save them, learn them, love them.

For my pretentious and verbose literary friends, and word buffs in general.

Please-- Save the Words. This fun little site is courtesy of literary agent blog Nathan Bransford.

Prepping for GREs? Want to improve your vocabulary? Enjoy global altruism? Try freerice.com and see how you do. I'm embarrassed that I'm only at level 39 but I'm working on it... This post courtesy of my awesome 19th century literature professor, Kara.

Kill time and enjoy!

16 August 2009

Updates Cometh!

It's been ages since I've updated because I've been out of town... but there is a ton of Poe packed fun coming your way once I recover from jetlag. Conference updates, papers I'll be checking out and the evolution of my book!

23 July 2009

Poe Event Updates

Because this is Poe's Bicenntential year there are a ton of cool events going on. Here are some if you happen to be in the Virginia area.

Museum tours are always interesting and you always learn something new, but I always fear Poe events will be a caricaturization for the amusement of the tour goers versus a more balanced picture of the actual author. Just sayin'...