29 May 2009

But How Does it End?

Last night's class was awesome.

We talked a lot about the importance of the skeleton of the book-- the annotated table of contents-- and why it's okay not to know how your book is going to end. It's a conundrum for the nonfiction writer: how do I write about an ending I haven't even researched or figured out yet? How do I tell an agent how it's going to end, when I still have no clue?
The answer: Try. Put something on and see how it fits.

For me it's working. Yes there are many ways I could end my book:
1) Poe dies, but we all already know that
2) Find a new angle on his death to twist up the end...
3) Have Poe and his foxy gal pal get into a super gnarly car chase with a massive explosion off of a cliff, in the hopes that movie rights will become an option.

I'm working on it... I think the gal pal should be brunette. :)

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